Just a quick post to see whether a mac OS X version of the configurator is planned at some point?

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LabVIEW is cross-platform, so we just need someone with a OS-X version to compile it and release an executable. We're doing that with the APM GCS, which is also LabVIEW.
I'm waiting for access to an OSX labview setup. As soon as I have this, I'll try and recompile it.

Update: If I'm lucky, I'll be able to recompile the configurator this weekend.

That sounds like great news! Would be more than happy to give it a spin once you're done…

I'm on 10.6.latest and have 4 different macs to try it on.
Same here, I'm getting tired of having to boot up my virtualization app. I'll need to get the software installed first though, and I'll test it on an MBP, air, imac, macbook. As soon as I have something I'll blogpost it here, and will update this topic - would be happy to have some people test :)
I am also excited about this news! Looking forward to testing it. :)
OK. The good news: LabView runs perfectly on my macs.
The bad news: ArduCopterConfigurator contains windows-only requests for retrieval of registry keys (obviously windows-only). I need to get this cleaned up, but don't know anything about LabView yet :)

In short, the OSX version will take a bit longer - at least I need to figure out LabView first !
i received my quadcopter today from FahPah (excellent) and have assembled it and after many hours of trying are unable to do anything with it. I have a mac and it seems that i was misinformed when i read that the software was mac friendly. From reading the comments above it would appear that i now have to buy a dos box before i see this bird hover like a dragonfly. Is this correct or have i missed a link somewhere - every mac link i go to says that it is currently unavailable.
Any help would be appreciated
boot camp? windows runs great on a mac :)
Yeh boot camp works well as does parallels which i own - but don't have my old XP disc and don't enjoy forking out hundreds on condoms (virus protection)

Two things:

1) The next version of the software will also have a Command Line setup process that will work on any platform.
2) Where did you read that the current software was Mac-compatible? We should correct that if it's out there. That said, it's an easy process to make it Mac-compatible: the LabVIEW-based Configurator can run on any platform, but we just need to someone with an OSX version of the LavVIEW dev kit to compile it.
Haha yeah viruses suck. I haven't had any problems though because I'm careful(and i haven't used a virus scanner in a few years ooops... wouldn't suggest that though!). Also there are free options which i hear are decent such as AVG. Cnet.com can point you in the right direction for a free option.

You could always install linux using boot camp? Or paralells? I don't currently own a mac, but i'm assuming that is another option. Either way, just something to hold you off while they working on macosx compatibility.

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