I am done with Arducopter! I have been trying to get this platform to be reliable for way too long.

I don't even want to add up all the damage, time and money I have wasted trying to get this flight

control system to work as advertised.

I actually thought with the new firmware and M.P., that the developers had finally got out all of the



As I write this, I notice that the top discussion is unexpected scary start-up.

This is what happened to me:

I dumped all programs from my computer, and reset my APM 2.5, I started over.

I downloaded the new versions clean, without any of the zillions of updates.

I was so excited to see that my project was finally working very well, a doing what I told it to, and it

worked very well for two days. On the third day, without any changes at all to anything, it did a full

throttle cut. I turned it off, rebooted my computer, and started over. It behaved normally for about two

minutes, then two motors cut out. I was only up about six feet, and over a lawn, so no damage.

As I approached my machine, to unplug the battery, two motors started to spin at different speeds.

Then they all spun up to full throttle. I always carry my Aurora 9 with my left thumb on the throttle

stick, so there can not be an accident.

OFF IT WENT, into the sun. Hit return to home, no joy. I said goodbye to it, as it went to an unknown

altitude, and into the sun, (downwind, it was just trying to go straight up).

I found it the next day, see the picture. Two miles of walking and searching and cussing.

I went over the logs, and determined that there were error codes all over the list, and it breached the

geofence, but kept going anyway. It had a mind of it's own, TOTALLY NOT COOL, and VERY, VERY


If this had happened in a more densely populated area, I might be in jail right now, or being sued, or

worse. "Drone kills baby", on the eleven o'clock news. My machine is big, heavy and damn-near

indestructible. I do not know how far it fell, I going to guess at somewhere between 700 and 1000 feet,

(angle of sun, do the trig.) Now it's broken.

I want the FAA to let us do this, but if these kind of failures keep happening, someone's going to get

hurt, and then the Government will make it illegal!  Game Over!

What is up with all the flaws in this platform? Ardu may kill any chance for guys like us to go out and

make money with this tech, before the FAA and Congress even make their decision next year.

Oh, and by the way, I was to show and demonstrate my machine to a government contractor, with a

C.O.E., who shall remain nameless, the very next day. I got to show them a hulk. The only plus was  

they were impressed by my build, because it's still repairable, and the expensive stuff lived.

My suggestion to ARDU is to get your shit together. Something very bad is going to happen, it already

has to me, and if someone had gotten hurt the other day, and I was being sued, I would sue ARDU.

Then it's all over the news, and all over for us. This "mishap" was of no fault of mine. Does the

software rewrite itself? Did someone embed malware into it? Did the hardware just "decide" to melt


You guys need to perfect this, or it's not going to go well with the FAA.

If they were to ask me if it is a safe and reliable platform, I would have to answer "HELL NO!, take it of

the market, before somebody gets killed." I am not giving up on this technology, just Arducopter,



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@Chris, was that an Iris?

I ordered mine a few days ago and I got a mail that delivery may be delayed due to some quality problems.

Wondering what that problem could be.


No, the "Lemon", is you, most probably.....

If not, I apologize.

Yes, if you do not set up the system correctly, it will "fly away".

If you do not do all your pre-flights correctly, it will "fly away".

The fact that you had "Two fly always for me already nearly collected my brother in the head.", and you did nothing

to solve your first problem, means a total lack of understanding the "system" you're dealing with.

This "system" requires a fair amount of knowledge, computer skills, mechanical skills, RC skills, electronic skills.

If you don't have any of that, go to your nearest "ToysR'us"

ALL the info you need are in the Wiki's, and previous posts.


Firstly GFY for being such a smart ar$#..   and FYI i actually have a a degree in computer Science and the X8 which was purchased was a ready to fly model and Gustav not that i am telling you this for your benefit its for the benefit of people whom could possibly concerned with this Ready to Fly.

Jo no it and X8...

Thomas, DJI, Maker of Wookong is not immune to issues either

Dji Phantom Crash From Above The Clouds With GoPro

"when it went straight up, then we lost it out of sight for about 7minutes, then it came falling from the sky like a brick!"

omg , im definetly selling my crappy apm now, cant fly it in the rain , cant fly in the wind and now cant fly in the day light, so now my only time i can fly my quad is at night, what a shitter



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