Hey eveyone!


Im very new to this game and really wanna get into it!


So far I've devised a parts list for a ArduCopter from doing a little research websites like these. Altho im not sure if I've quite got it right!


Dont suppose anyone could have a look and see if this looks like a good parts list?


ArduPilot Mega

ArduPilot Mega IMU Shield/Oilpan v1.4

HMC5843 - Tripple Axis Magnetometer

MediaTek MT3329 GPS 10Hz + Adapter


4x Turnigy 2217 860kv 22A outrunner

4x APC 12x3.9 props

4x APC 10x4.7 props (to make a comparison between them both)

4x Turnigy plush 30A Speed Controller (ESC?)

2x 8000mAh 4-Cell 14.8V LiPo Batteries (Hope I can wire both in at the same time) weight 630g, eek


XtreamBee Board

2x Xbee Pro 50mW Module

Xbee Explorer USB


Altho im at a bit of a loss with the frame, not sure what to buy/make... I would prefere to buy something really...


Hope someone can point out what i've missed so far!


Thanks in advance...





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If you plan to build full ArduCopter then there is ArduCopter frame that is missing and Radio rx/tx is missing too, other than that it looks good :)

Ok maybe you did not mention it but you need to have some cables for gps, xbee and magneto.

Why would you like to mount 2 x 8000 mAh 4S at same time?? And is weight 630g per batt or total? I think it's per batt?
Hi Jani,

I did look find the ArduCopter frame on the phifun website but there not stocking it until theres feedback from the testers. So looks like im looking for another frame to get me started.

I was going to fit both batteries to hopefully achieve a really long flight time (there 630g each). Im still a little worried about the motors, from what people are quoting the Turnigy 2217 860kv 22A outrunner are a bit cheap, maybe i should go for something a little more powerful?

Cheers for the reminder about the cables! I forgot to add them to my list!

Thanks again...

whats funny with the motors is hear i see a few brands mentioned but on some other quad sites they rave over roxxy motors that they are the best of the best dont know bout the price

as for 2x630 u can do it i'd imagine but you'll have issues when u load the cam etc... i'd go with 1... as most people on here seem to get great flights with 2200 and most 5500, 8000 is like... wow do you have a link to it?
Yes robbes are good but they are also really expensive. Just like Robbe Roxy 2827-34 starts at 40 USD. 2827-35 starts at 60 USD. So if we try to stay on reasonable level on quad price we cannot use motors that are about half of whole quad price :)

Jeremy, yes we have not activated full frame orders on PhiFUN yet due we are still working on next release and production run will start shortly.
Xtreambee is just an adapter board to connect XBee to Arduino CPUs. Xbee uses 3.3 volts even on communication lines so Xtreambee reald/writes 5v signals from CPU board and converts it to 3.3v that physical Xbee board then uses.
Thanks for the great replies, im still a little lost on what to do about the frame at the moment. Considering maybe getting a MikroKopter frame and using the ArduCopter electronics with it... But if the diydrones/phifun kits are available soon, maybe that would be better?

The batteries i found on thunderpowerrc.com, does anyone know if there any good?

Also is it wise to just use the xBee instead of any RC equipment? I.e just using the xbee with a laptop and a joystick or something?

Does anyone know if the ArduCopter will support 6 or 8 motors? I can only seem to find videos / info on the quad setup.


Sorry to ask so many questions guys, but I was wondering, does it matter if i get a 11.1v or 14.8v battery? Im guessing the ESC will just use what they need?

Cheers :)
Wow, where did you see that for sale, I can only find the 6 mile ones...
Yes it does. Your motors and ESC has to be rated 4S if you plan to use 14.8v or you might burn them... on 4S grade mots/escs you can use smaller batteries..

Jeremy, well if you can wait a bit then I suggest to wait... Due then you would have frame that is designed for the electronics and also settings are kinda drop in.. If you go for another frame you need to change all PID settings and that might be painful

ArduCopter currently supports only 4 motors but we are working on 6-8 motor versions too, it just takes awhile until it's supported. During this year for sure.
About thows Xbee`s , they ned to be 2 of the same model to comunicate ? for example 2 x 900 pro ?
i have one XBee Pro 900 XSC Wire
and the other one is a XBee 2mW Series 2.5 RPSMA ,i diden manage to make them like ich other :)
Great battery combo ... that is if you want to see your ESC burn up!
Well Sgt Ric I don't see any reasons to burn ESC with those batteries.. Turnigy Plush 30Amp ESC is rated for 2-4S so it can easily handle 14.8V. Only thing that you might burn is motors due they are only rated as 3S.

I was just testing few days ago ArduCopter 4S motors and they look good. They are similar to these Turnigy 2217 but can handle 4S. Also they can handle 12x45 props which Turnigy might have problems.

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