Hi, I recently built a quad flys super nice in stabilize mode when I switch to loiter mode the quad will hold steady for a second or two then begins to fly around the loiter point increasing in speed around the point. I've tweaked the loiter pids and hold_lat_p and hold_lon_p. any suggestions for the pids settings for a standard 3d robotics quad? Also should I be adjusting the pids in the "full parameters" menu or the basic pids? Thank you.

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Reset all of your PIDs to defaults then go do everthing in Randy's excellent Arducopoter 3.0 Pre-flight and Maiden-flight videos.  In particular, you need to do compassmot to fix your toilet-bowl problem, not change PIDs.

Thank you.
I did the compass to test in the setup in the cli. I got 186% at full throttle. The video says anything over 30% should look into moving the 2.5 apm. So is 186% not good? I'm putting my other 2.6 apm with the external compass on because the PDB wires r not long enough to move the 2.5 far enough away from the board. Any thoughts or comments greatly appreciated and thank you.

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