Arducopter Question- Creative ways to minimize magnetic interfeance from bats, escs, and motors

So I understand there is a certain range of allowable magnetic interference for Arducopter to still function but how are you guys getting the best results? I know DIYDrones says to move your apm farther away but is that the only fix? I finally looked at a TBS Discovery the other day and saw that they cover the video processing componets in a tin rf proof shield to eliminate interference! What if we could do that to Arducopter? Im sure this is an idea il have to try my self, but I thought maybe yall have other good ideas too? (maybe wrapping the board in aluminum foil? lol)

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The current best and only valid approach is to use an external compass and set it as far as possible from any artificial magnetic sources.
You would not want to wrap APM in any material that would block magnetic fileds because that is precisely that that we want to measure with the compass...

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