I just received a octa copter bought from DIY Drones.

i am using Futaba 8TFG and 4000mAh 20c battery.

plugged the board to APM, get the connection and setup.

but there seems not to be enough rpm on the motors.

it just does not lift?!

also when I charge the battery, the charges shows 12v buton the mission planner it shows 7.9V and 25A.

it is obvious that I am new to this, so would appreciate your help, i am dying to get this beauty off the ground.



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I did the esc calibration manually
After some playing around, two broken propelleres and a big cut on my knee it finally lifted off beautifully :)
There seems to be an issue with throttle fail safe in mission planner not working consistently during different set up conditions. For example it is not uspposed to take any value when it is not enabled!
So thonking that it is not enabled, and somehow it was!, i Armed it and it just came after me like an eagle's fangs before striking!
Anyway, fixed the cuts and now it flies very smoothly
Thank you for your follow up

no problem.

Few things I have found that are worth noting;

- sometimes it takes a few more seconds longer than normal for the ESC's to be armed, only give a tiny amount of throttle until ESC's arm and motors start spinning.

- the easiest way to fly seems to be in loiter mode, especially in the wind (my first flight was in the wind so I did not have much chance getting to fly around in stabilized or alt hold mode.

- Alt hold defiantly needs more power to the motors, increase the PID for alt hold.

- be ready to quickly change back to stabilized mode when playing in other modes, setting up channel 7 for this is highly recommended

- don’t fly in the middle of the day if you are trying to tune, very hard to look at an LCD screen J

- with most multirotors you tend to stack the electronics in a tower on top of the vehicle and normally with some sort of protective cover over it, make sure you point you antenna down out of the way so it can’t be hit if you land it upside-down. When you are ready for longer flights (out of sight range) then correct its orientation

- if you are getting vibration in your video balance your props.

Great advice, will defenitely come in handy

- with the vehicle getting out of control, the throttle was actually at min when i armed apm, but somehow the throttle fail safe was activated, so when apm saw the throttle being so low after arming, it set the throttle high, to the preset fail safe value, and that was when it just attached me!
I think the code for setting the throttle fail safe needs a bit more work and also there shall be a code to prevent just a take off when thrtl fail safe is activated during arming

- i also see the same inconsistency in setting the flight mode, sometimes it works correctly, changing the switch on radio, and seeing the correct mode displayed on mission planner and sometimes showing unknown mode?! or just show stabilize mode , when you have set a different mode for the switch value

- what is the difference between Loiter & Position Hold mode?
It seems to me they are the same?


loiter has a big deadband zone, so when you move "so far" out of this deadband it will increase/decrease the alt of the multirotor, loiter mode continues to control the motor speed.

In postion hold mode there is no deadband in the throttle and you directly control the motor speeds with the throttle and the mode has no control over the alt of the multirotor.

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