I pulled out the Arducopter for renewed trainings yesterday. Lots of snow here and below freezing temp.  Still too unskilled and with some wind I lost orientation of direction and steered the wrong way ending up doing a panick snow landing rather than clearing things up while in the air..  So lots of moisture everywhere until I got home for some drying up. I think some ESCs may have lost calibration, I have begun doing all tests from the ground up to see where the issues are. So far I have hope recalibrating everything could have things back to normal.

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snow, what is that?
here hotels started their summer sport programm - not so much snow anymore ;-)
be happy - we can't do what you are doing.

but i have to admit - i cannot fly really good.
loosing the orientation is something i know ...
When that happens you can blow the snow off with airpressure, before snow melts

Snow dive recovery completed.

Getting moisture into things accentuated an issue with the bullet connectors that connect ESCs to motors.

At least my production #42 ArduCopter came with connectors on the motor cables that didn´t really work in a good way.

They tend to rotate freely even when inserted in the female counterparts. And then electrical conductivity suffers. See attached movie.

I then removed the insulation of all of those bullet-and-tube connectors and heated them until solder baked nicely into the joints causing a permanent solid connection on each of the twelve motor power leads, adding new crimp hose on each.


Now the intermittent clicking sound from motors (caused by freely rotating bullet connectors) are all gone and the copter runs smooth.

i cut off my bullet connectors and soldered them directly however i still have clicking noises so i don't think bullets cause clicking - not sure what does either.
timing interferences from ESCs is my oppinion, don't bother about it

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