Maybe this is an obvious question/answer but... I heard some autopilots can instantly snap a heli to a safe position on a flick o a switch,

Can Arducopter APM 2.5 be used for such a purpose? Im buying it just for that at this stage.

Trex450, jr9x2.

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I mean to say, if Im doing a loop or some dangerous maneuver, upside down and etc... can Arducopter recover quickly?

This is not the design intent of the system at all.

I have demonstrated that it has some ability to recover from an upset.  But you should not under any circumstances buy this system if you are interested in acrobatics.  That just isn't what it is for.  It is designed for extremely stable flight, fast forward, hovering, or scale-like flight.  Not acrobatics.

This is a UAV controller.  Not a FBL controller with bail-out.


Thank you so much for your reply. To be honest scale flight and extending my flyability range, ie to be able to fly far on the horizon without sweating is the real intent.

Would you say, fast forward flight, then banking at 45deg, 80 percent throttle, and stabilize mode switched on, it would recover from that?

Could you briefly mention where is the limitation why this system could not recover from inverted flight/or death dive? I might write some code for this system, is it not entirely feasible to use the hardware for a bailout system?

Thanks so much in advance, Im ordering the unit regardless...


From 45°, yeah, absolutely. Release the stick and it'll snap back to level right quick, and accurately.  No problem.  That is what it's designed for.  It's just the 45° is the limit of design intent.

The problem is that the coordinate system we are using becomes undefined when pitch approaches nose straight down, or nose straight up.  It's a difficult problem to get around.

Ah I understand, coming from 3D game development I know something about this.

Accelerometer doesnt distinguish between gravity and acceleration ey? Purely inverted flight recovery ok though?

Like rob said, if you're using APM for what its designed for, the heli will never get inverted. Its practically impossible when flying in stab mode. Trying to fly beyond an angle of 45deg is like trying to walk through a brick wall.. it wont happen unless you are the terminator

Yup. Nice and clear. But Sorry about the newbie questions, they must get annoying after a while.

Was curious if I could do mild stunts and be able to flick on stab mode and hope for some kind of non-guaranteed but possible/likely recovery....

In Stab mode, you can do a roll.  But you cannot flip forward or backward.  It just won't.  When it hits vertical, it spazzes out. 

There's a video here. It ain't pretty.

Acro mode, as it currently is, was created by Leonard to make it nicer to fly FPV, because you don't have to keep pushing hard forward.  It will hold an angle, it's more like a flybarless controller.  But it still won't go past 45° with defaults.  I had to change settings to get it to do this.  But still it won't flip forward.

Hahaha... yeah it's cool how the camera goes out of focus during the main event :) X-FIles? Anyway, that's what I was looking for.. flicking on stablilize to save my sorry helicopter. Seems it can do that. My unit is being shipped so hopefully I can see that in motion in just a few days

Ill get to all the ground station navigation programming type stuff later Im sure.. tx!~

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