Hi you all.

I'm new to arducopter drones, and drones at all..

I've built a Quad, using APM 2.8 Board (non-3DR), M8N Gps, 470kv 24p motors, 15x5,5 CF props, and tarot 650 CF frame, all running on 4s 10.000mah and turnigy 30A Plush ESC.

In the beggining all worked fine, i'm started to learn how to pilot the Quad, using stabilize and loiter. obviously loiter resulted more attractive because was hard to me maintain altitude when making horizontal displacement in stabilize..

some day the quad started to toiletbowl and i got scared and did everything wrong and crashed at high speed to a 25 meters tree, cutted off some branches, and fall down. Result: 1 broken arm, 2 wasted props, and complete landing gear destruction. apm and gps was scratched too.

recently i fixed the aircraft, and this time I DID COMPASSMOT (not done before!), to avoid toiletbowling. I mounted APM with 4 3M slow response foam earplugs in a double plate, and sticked to APM and frame with double-doublesided foam tape.

In stabilize is rock solid, but alt hold and loiter works weird.....

in loiter, when you let the quad hovering, it twitches the throttle, like an angry bee, i don't know how to explain. it's like the quad stops and re-run motors for a fraction of a second, and looses about 2 or 3 inches of altitude and go up again. its like a glitch. I tried to fly loiter anyway, was making squares about 2 meters above ground to practice, and suddenly... quad rocketed up in the sky... this time i was ready, and switched to stabilize. the quad started to fall, and with a throttle punch it leveled again, but at an altitude i never used it... so i decided to switch to LAND mode, and the quad suicided itself drifting away and descending too quick. this time: 2 more props wasted, and a crack in the lower main plate. gps stand was destroyed as usual..

i spended much money to start my aerial filming project, and i do not trust this aircraft to hang a professional camera on it. i thought it will be like a phantom, but bigger, nicer and stronger, capable of carrying a full dslr camera. But it is only a big and dangerous machine, and i'm hating it so hard.

i will leave you the last flight logs. if somebody with experience and expertise give me a hand and analyzes my logs, i will thank you very much.

i can only think i have a vibration issue, so i ordered a moongel pad to reinforce damping.

The big problem is i'm in Argentina, and any replacement part or upgrade takes a month to arrive, and a ton of paperwork to claim it in customs..

looking forward to fix this, and sorry for my neanderthal english.


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will give you only BarAlt, since GPS-Alt is out of chart. i live on Andes Range, 1000 meters avobe sea level. gps alt graph is nearly identical, but starts at 1000 value. Barometric altitude is measured with 0 at APM initialization.


I am also facing problem with lotier mode my quad moves up and down and slowly loss altitude 


excellent job done.

So you can see the problem is solved.

Your throttle is not responsive due to ..

Now I need your telemetry logs to verify APM logs.

Radio signal quality, battery status from your control station


be so nice to upload alike log file charts

and telemetry logs

to let me study 2 your problems at the same time.



Not responsive due to... WHAT?


He haven´t idea.


I really don't know what is your problem.

Your log file charts should now be verified against telemetry log file

to get full cause for your problems.

This is a standard procedure.

Since you don't show an intention to attach your telemetry log file for analysis, how can I help you.

@Cala is fully aware of the log file vs. telemetry log crash study procedure.

no telemetry logs since i was using droid planner on my cellphone as ground station. if droid planner saves logs of telemetry data received, i'm not aware.

Cala was so nice to provide you with detailed answer

How to find Tlogs and see your track in Tower

Posted by Cala on May 11, 2015 at 4:51pm in Tower (Droidplanner)


DroidPlanner changed its name to Tower


you got it


Here is my flight logs 


you have heavily pulsating motors in loiter, worst than mine. you need to enable IMU logging in order to have vibrations measurement. enable it, do a test flight and post logs. we have similar issues. what motors/esc/props/lipo are you using?

I am uisng Emax 3506 with Emax 30Amp esc otpo with 1245 plastic props and 4s 6000mah battery on s500 frame.

Same motors are working fine on my other quadcopter 


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