Everything works fine until I get to the compass offsets. It displays scrolling data but everything is zero and never changes as I move the quad. I did run the CLI "a" command and made sure that the mag was activated.


Any Ideas what to check?


This Quad was flying fine with the RC_1 release, this happened when I upgraded to NG.I know that Rc_1 didn't use the compass.

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Same problem here. I have a MAG just bough from DIY drones.

I soldered it on the shield being very carefull and everything was working even though I always had different offsets.

So I mounted the IMU on the copter and I never had the yaw still, so I went back to the CLI and never had numbers again only 0s...

I have no idea how to check if it is a board problem or a Mag problem, and since is my second one (the first i broke the 3.3v while cutting the borders) I wouldn't like to buy another.

Any Ideas on how to check it is really the mag (i.e. with rs232, avr programmer etc.)?




Emile, you cannot use rs232, avr programmer etc to check due maggy is using I2C databus to communicate. So only way is to connect that to I2C bus. You either connect it to APM's I2C or if you have what ever Arduino compatible (also others work) board like iDuino, Duemilanove, Arduino Mega and their I2C.


If you have LPC or other type MCU board, you need to have proper program to read maggy outputs, for Arduino at least there are a lot test codes for HMC maggy.


Other thing that you should also check is that are your SCL/SDA lines joined correctly eg not xrossed. Some people accidentally soldered them as xrossed eg. SDA->SCL, SCL->SDA.


If you have them xrossed it does not break your maggy. In this case your maggy just wont work.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I have no other ardu's sitting around.

The mag was working for the first two calibration tests, but before ever flying. Then suddenly stopped working just after the first take off. It was soldered on top of the IMU so no chaces to cross connections.I have also tried to connect it to the I2C port using gps cable and checking very well soldering, but the AP_Compass test was freezing on the AP_Compass_init() function.

Every other sensor is working good, I have flown the AC for many hours but was lacking magneto because out of stock.

I'll try to send it back, but before I will check onboard soldering. again.



For people who want to see how offset calibration is done, I posted video how to do it and how to configure your magneto orientations.


Check out http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/video-arducopter-magnetometer

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