So thi may sound like a silly question... but i ordered an adru board + sheild kit+ IMU and I got it all soldered up! but im noticing in the manual there are some cables running from the IMU to the sheild.

My question is where did those conectors come from... They arnt soldered to the board because then you couldnt program it?

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The yellow, green, red, and black wires with black ends? Those are just prototyping jumper wires. They pull right off and then you slip on the programming connector. Don't fly like that!


wait... so then how is the IMU wired to the sheild???

I soldered the yellow wire from D8 to D6....

Just please follow the manual. There's no point in asking people to retype the whole thing here in comments.

ive looked at both the ardu manual, and the IMU manual. There is nothing said about the connectors, or wires? i figured that i had to cut the wires from the infered cable since im using the IMU, but there are still no connectors?

This is the page in the manual. What part isn't clear?

The boards can be mounted different ways. In Oil-pan/Shield mode, you solder on headers so the boards will plug together. You could also use wire jumpers as in the picture, with male pins to lay the boards in a lower profile (but longer) space.

The manual shows the boards in a workbench prototyping/testing situation. You need to solder on headers so the boards can be "plugged" together directly, or with pin headers so you could use the jumper wires with push on connectors. Those wires in the picture are not soldered to the boards, they have connectors on the ends to go on the pins.


Have a look at this page


This is the DIY part of DIY.

Maybe post a picture of your boards and we could help better by comparing what you have done with what others have done. The most common setup is Oil-pan (IMU on bottom) mode, I believe, or is it Shield (IMU on top) mode.

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