I apologize in advance if there are other posts relating to my query for I am very new to this and may not have understood all that I have read.

I have recently got a joystick connected to my pc to control servos connected to my Arduino. This got my brain ticking!

I want to build a model plane that can be controlled from my pc joystick. I would like to have virtual instruments on my screen similar to those in a real aircraft. Ie. Artificial Horizon, Airspeed, Altimeter, Compass and Rpm gauges.

Firstly: Is it feasible to have the following...

Basically all data will be sent from the ArduIMU and Airspeed Sensor through the Xbee back to the PC where it will be displayed appropriately. Meanwhile the Joystick will be controlling the servos.
Later I would like to program the aircraft based Arduino to act as a autopilot once control signal is lost.

My main question is: Can the arduIMU V2 flat  (with a GPS) be easily connected to an Arduino, and will I be able to read the following off it: Ground Speed, Altitude, Pitch, Roll (both in relation to the horizon) and Current Course??

I look forward to your responses.
Many Thanks!

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Hi, Chris !
I tested Arduino 2009 (can not type this Italian word :-) ) with arduIMU V2 flat with a GPS using standard ArduPilot (non-Mega) code. I soldered a couple of connectors and I got the same functionality as native ArduPilot, except hardware multiplexing, of course. Some code configuration needed, but it is difficult. But after first good results I got a parcel with native ArduPilot, so further experiments were discontinued.
I think you can get a piece of code that interfaces with arduIMU and use it in your project...
Good luck !

@Chris Twine: Good day, What would be the connections for the ArduIMU+ V2 to the Arduino? and Is it possible for the Arduino Mega and ArduIMU+ V3? and Lastly, Is the ArduPilot firmware compatible with the Arduino Mega? because like you I'm using Arduino Mega, istead of ArduPilot.

Thanks =)

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