Hello i'm using ArduIMU board and i've programmed it. The compilation and upload is successed but, when the ArduIMU is "turn on",  the yellow led is turned on!

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i have the exact same issue when i've uploaded the sketch and adjusted the perameters to use the AruIMU with my DOSD V2+ ... so i'm in the same boat.



I'm having the exact same problem. After power on I get a solid green, solid yellow, and blinking red led.

After that I can't arm the motors, presumably because it is not in stable mode.

Did you figure out a solution?

I figured out why my motors would not arm: the eeprom values where not initialized.

Doing a "reset to factory settings" in the command line interface solved the problem.

The yellow LED is still on solid. Not sure what is up with that yet.

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