Am trying to start a Quad rotor Helicopter with Arduino Pro + ArduIMU. Please provide me with Arudino code. I have planned to use only ArduIMU with its native code, can anyone make it to extended Kalman filter for better stability.I need to have a single discussion page with all details of Quad rotor project from scratch.Please contribute..Suggest me ideas!!! Am a beginner...Teach me everything...
Details of my quadrotor,

2012/10+ESC 18A
Battery 11.1V/2600mAh/25C
Ardu IMU board V2

I have put my quad project basic diagram....Please suggest me to make my quad efficient with the existing hardware.

I would like to thank all who contribute to my discussion...Spread this discussion to all who are interested in Quad...

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Hey Ramsundhar. I have exactly the same model with yours. I have written all the codes, PID's and stuff but it doesnt work well. Couldnt succeed on it yet. Any improvement or nice result on yours ?

Hai Faik Kaya, I coundn't get the arduino pro hardware in India, I went for mega board......Let me see your code....I can help you if I find some errors!!!


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