hi dear friends.

i can compile my sketch well

and i can upload well original software

but when compile done, my red and blue lights doesnt blink :S and it doesnt start to run

when  i upload with mission planner they blink when upload done.

what is my problem , why my apm2 cant start?

how can i solve this

thank you best regards..

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Are you saying the firmware works when uploaded with the MIssion Planner but not with the Arduino IDE?

Yes, Dear Luke.

i am using arduino 1.0.1 windows

actually arduino is compile and upload well..

but when finish uploading

apm2 is doesnt start. onyl gps led is blinking when upload finish :((

Have you configured the source for the hardware you're using? I think by default it assumes the hardware is APM 1 (red bottom board, blue IMU shield on top). There's a line like this in the APM_Config.h file that specifies the hardware that needs to be uncommented.


Like this, note the leading slashes are removed.


If that's not the case hopefully someone else knows more about the source code and using the Arduino IDE.


You solve my problem

you right :)))))))

thank you very very very very much :))

That's great to hear, I'm glad it worked! Something to consider is other configuration options. For example if the frame is "+" mode or "x" mode for flight. Things that like which would typically be set from the Mission Planner need to be set in the source code if using the Arduino IDE. The comments in the source code explain a lot about what needs to be configured or what needs to be left alone. Out of curiosity, why are you using the Arduino IDE instead of the Mission Planner to upload the firmware?

i will add some extra sensors to arduino

like dobbler radar sensor

and i am using a 3g modem with my apm board

i will add code for about 3g disconnect fail and auto rtl to home or another places

i am new at arduino

are you arduino ide user?

I've dabbled with the Arduino and Arduino IDE for a couple of years but I'm new to this ArduCopter thing. If you haven't yet check out the UserCode.pde file for ArduCopter. An Arduino project I made a few years ago is below.



nice job luke :) 

i add you as a friend in this site

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