I have 4 ardupilot boards which I built and set up 24 hours ago, all where working with gps locked and was able to read serial data Lat Long in through ide.
Today I connected the power to the board 1 and could only get a power led on board 1 and 2 and 3 board 4 power and mux. I am unable to reload any programs to the board programmer not responding. These units were all working and have not touched them until today. any suggestions whats going on please

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Power supply voltage low?

Are you powering the 4 boards in series? Or each one individually? What power supply do you use? What servo channel I/O have you connected? Finally, are you unplugging the gps when you try to upload code?
power is by rx battary 4.8 volts. they are not in series I am unpluggung the gps. I have not conneted the I O as they powered up ok last night

If battery voltage gets to around 4.3 volts, the boards will act flakey.


Just so I'm clear, can you explain in more detail what the issue is with each of your 4 boards> 1: issue. 2: issue., etc..

If you can't load code on any board, the problem is almost certainly your FTDI cable, drivers or Windows setup.

I think the voltage is my problem thank you all
I have 3 cables all failed I am sure now it's voltage. I least I hope so

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