I have a blue Ardupilot purchased earlier this year that I haven't gotten around to playing with until now. Could someone point me towards some brief documentation/instruction on how to set it up and make use of it. I found the current manual missed somethings relevant to this board. I'd like to try this out before upgrading to the newer Ardupilot + shield.


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Blue? There was never a blue board. Do you mean green? If so, everything is pretty much the same, but because it's the smaller ATMega168 CPU, you can only use the 2.1 code, not 2.2 and above. So the config utility and groundstation work, but the user-configureable settings are in the code, not a stand-alone config file.

We don't support the 2.1 code anymore, but between the manual and searching this site, you should be able to find what you need.
Thanks for replying Chris. At the risk of showing my terrible soldering job, I've attached a picture of my current ATMega168 board. It still looks pretty blue to me.

I was mostly looking for simple instructions on the proper orientation for the servo cables connecting to the ardupilot board and for the fma sensors. Anyway I think I've found most of the info I need.

Well, it appears you've got the only blue board we've seen in the wild. Sparkfun used them for prototypes, but I didn't realize any were sold to the public. Does the CPU say ATmega168 or ATmega328?

I believe that there were quite a few "blue" Ardupilot boards sold and like Daniel I happen to be an owner of one.

The CPU says ATmega168.

I believe that the "blue" Ardupilot boards were sold between the "green" and the "red" boards. I have three of the "red" Ardupilot boards.

Hmm. Well, the blue one never showed up on the Sparkfun site, and I say we've never seen one so I don't know how many made it out. This is the first I've seen of one (more than 1,000 ArduPilots have been sold). At any rate, since they're 168s, they're the same as the green boards. Which is to say 2.1 and below code only.

The "blue" board did show up on the Sparkfun site or I could not have purchased it. I distinctly remember the board being "blue" since the "green" board had been discontinued. But, no matter.

No, I meant that as far as we know the picture on the site was never blue. Perhaps we missed a color change for a day, but it can't have been much more than that. Anyway, it's just cosmetic. I'd be surprised if more than a dozen blue boards got out. You've got a collector's item!

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