Hi Guys,

We have been using Pixhawk in our fixed wings since a long time and have been quite successful with it so far. Today something strange happened:

We were tuning a new platform meant for aerial mapping. It was a bit windy day but manual take off went well and after trimming a the platform we switched to FBWA for finer tuning when suddenly the plane lost all the control and came down like a rock. It felt like it had no power and when it got inverted it could be recovered at all. We tried switching to manual mode but I dont think this was registered at all.

Following are the specs of the platforms:

3m span Glider

Hacker Motor

Castle Creations ESC

16000 mah 6S Tattu battery

Mauch Power Module

Hitech Servos

I am attaching the drive link below of the bin file and would be great if anyone could help us understand what went wrong. 


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@Andre, the 6S got down to 17.5V, which is 2.9V/cell. It was never pulled below 6V total.

yes, that's why I don't think the logging stopped midair due to bad battery , but rather another power problem.  Possible bad power module , and the servo rail power was too high/low for the power select IC to failover to.

Just wanted to make that clear, so he was not under the impression of it all being caused by bad main battery,  - and did not try to fly same setup with new battery.

quite possibly.

If we have a tlog we could check if the SiK radio continued to be powered through the RADIO_STATUS packets. We may even see the reboot.

@Pravin, do you have a tlog from the GCS of the flight?

Wow that's really embarrassing. I was commenting on the wrong thread, here is the RTL crash I was referring to:

I guess I had too many tabs open.

Hey Tridge!

I will certainly check the old logs too. In our case the ESC is connected to the servo rail via a long (about 3 feet) servo extensions and so is the power module. Do you think this could be the reason for noisy voltage? If yes what could be a way to send clear voltage to long distance (upto 3 feet)? 


Hi Tridge,

Sorry! The radio was unfortunately disconnected due the USB wire coming loose. 

Also there was some problem with the mission planner later and we had to reinstall it.


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