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ardupilot in recent months has had many updates, but I wonder if there are any planned developments to implement the high availability (through the use of two or three Ardupilot in active-active or Active-Stanby configuration) and a new mathematics (or New IMU )  that is capble  in the case GPS signal is lost the opportunity to continue the mission using only the IMU.

  I have read all the spec of the IMU and the Ardupilot but   I have not found  the rate of error of IMU (oil pan) in the event of this fault.



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The main disadvantage that I had in trying to do build a-a or a-s pair is that the signal channels (even the mux channels) are not electricly fail closed, they are fail open circuits, so without power to the board, no signal gets through from in to out. if it were fail closed circuit paths, it would be alot easier to implement a redundant setup. if external power to the apm board were to fail (assuming sj1 blob is removed) the servos are cut off from the radio. even though power can still be flowing to both receiver and servos. This is why IMO we should be talking about this subject in future board revs.

I will think  to use a different Module That is positioned Between the Reciver radio , The APM and the Servo

this Module  check the consistency of the data transmitted by the receivers to the APM and simultaneously check the consistency of data provided by APM to servo  then this module  is who has the ability to switch between apm .

 In this manner the connection between the reciver and the servo remain intact.

Same thing with regard to the serial connector for telemetry if a Module is Positioned  between the serial port  and the  WiFi module.

  This modules can controls the telemetry and compares them with those of two other APM present it as to whether an IMU or the autopilot in general is malfunctioning.

the idea that I have in mind so we can represent graphically:




---------------- |                |--APM2-----|--------|                        |

         RCV2---|---------|-|-|-|--|--APM3-----|--------|--------------------- -|------GSM/UMTS Modem 

                              | | | |

                           To servos



What did you think ?

The simple answer to you your question is - no, there is no planned development for redundancy. Also, dead reckoning is not currently being worked on. The next step will be a decent wind estimator. After that then dead reckoning will be more realistic. Based on our current experience an inertial position estimate is not realistic with the current sensors (accelerometers and gyros).

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