Facts: (other than I need help)

  • I'm flying ARDUPILOT v2.7
  • I just swapped out radio systems now fly Airtronics RDS 8000 
    • Prior system flew ok but was just starting to tweak setup when I had to do some repairs, but old radio settings and new radio don't play well.
    • Old radio did not cause Elevator Up upon engaging the system.
  • ArduPilot v2.7 reset to defaults for 're-tweaking'
  • When ArduPilot is engaged I get an amount of up elevator.
  • Stock Elevator "P" PID setting is .005 - this was too much and caused the plane to climb. 
    • I thought I was on the right track by adjusting this setting to  .000 but that caused no elevator response from the radio in FBW-A. Stabilize mode and manual work as expected.
  • I have no idea where to go to adjust from here!  Please HELP!

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Any Original ArduPilots out there?

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