Can someone walk me through the setup of the legacy Ardupilot (red board from sparkfun) and arduIMU v3? from the box to the plane. everything from all connections needed to be soldered to code for both the ardupilot and the arduIMU v3 so that they actually work together and the servos move to compensate for the movement of the IMU? Im having wicked problems trying to get it to work even from the basic code that i've found on other walk-throughs. When the IMU is moved nothing changed on the servos but there is random movement from the servos and I've broken 3 servos now trying to get it to work. All i want to have working is the manul mode and the stabilization. I don't care for the gps way-points as of right now. Ive got a 6 channel receiver, the Ardupilot legacy red board, and the Arduimu v3. No gps.

Here's what ive gotten thus far;

I can hook up the arudIMU v3 to the computer and see the movement in the IMU testing software, but alas, its not working with the Ardupilot. I could diagnose whats going on with it with you guys but I have Zero knowledge with Arduino code so I would much rather get code that is known to be working with my setup and go from there. I'll fix gains and tune it as i go but its not working AT ALL right now.

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Have you thoroughly read this Discussion Forum to help answer your questions:



Yes I have, I have read more forum discussions than I care to for my lifetime haha

So can someone help me or not? I spent Multiple days sorting through forums and discussions on the link. FYI most of them are not for the original board, they're for the Mega series which is no help to me.

Hi Kyle,

Sorry for your troubles, it sounds like the exact same problem I've experienced trying to get the two to work together. I've since given up on it and purchased an APM 2.5 (actually the RCTimer version).

I think most of the legacy community has dried up in favour for the APM. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

I have the original red board and V3 IMU.  I use it on a V-tail setup.  One thing that will stop stabilize from working is if the Ardupilot board is setup wrong.  2.7.1 is the version I use and I choose IMU as the GPS type.  You'll know stabilize will work when the Ardupilot blue light is solid. 

The IMU sends pitch,roll,yaw using binary messages over serial.  Even if you don't have a GPS, a GPS type needs to be selected.  Tx from the IMU to Rx on the Ardupilot, etc.  I've used it without a GPS and it will stabilize.  I've also used with a GPS hooked into the IMU.  With a GPS, you get a solid blue on the IMU and a solid on the Ardupilot when you have a fix.  No GPS and you'll get a flashing blue on the IMU and solid on the Ardupilot.

I've even used it with my own firmware on the IMU and just made sure it sent the same binary messages to the Ardupilot.  The Ardupilot doesn't care what you run on the IMU as long as it is the right format and speed.


The Ardupilot(Legacy) manual has everything needed to make it work.  I still refer to it when I want to fly and I'm not sure which firmware I have on it and can't remember something.

can you send me the code you are using for both the IMU v3 and ardupilot board? what you have on your board as of right not that is working for sure. it would be appreciated being able to refer to the code You have on your boards. I'm not going to use GPS unless i have to. perhaps zip all the files for the IMU and upload that as well as ZIP all the files for the Ardupilot board so its just a matter of pointing the Arduino software to the files and uploading?


Everything you need is there.  Make sure you compile Ardupilot to use ArduIMU as the GPS type.  I use Arduino 0023.  The manual even has links explaining the Arduino IDE.  If you update to Arduino 1.0.3 and open older sketches, it'll change the .pde extension to .ino and Arduino 0023 won't work anymore.  Just a warning if you've been playing with different versions. 



now what about the IMU software? what version are you using? If seen some versions that require you to calibrate every time it powered on, and some that you compile twice and the first time it will save the calibrations to epprom. what should i be aware of to change in the IMU configs before compiling?

I use ArduIMU 1.9 and I output binary which is what the Ardupilot needs to receive.

Groundstart is how it calibrates the sensors and then writes to eeprom.  If it doesn't do a groundstart, it'll start out ok and then the sensors will drift and it might crash. 

AWESOME!! it works! Ive had this board for a WHILE now and shelved it because I couldn't get it to work! One last question, how do i reverse the stabilization directions? for instance when i turn the plane, the stabilization wants to turn the plane even More the wrong way. that includes the Roll, Pitch, a Yaw. EX. Plane Rolls left and the Ardupilot rolls even more left instead of rolling right and leveling out

Good, that's a good start.  I use V-tail/elevon and in the Ardupilot config.h there's a section for doing that with - signs.  You might also need to reverse your radio.

Or, it could be as simple as you've got the IMU backwards.  GPS connector should face front of plane. 

First thing I'd do though is check it in manual mode and see if the direction is correct.  Then, put it in stabliize and see if it still responds correctly to stick input.  If the only thing backwards is coming out of the IMU, then you could add some - signs to the Output of the IMU if it's already facing the right direction. 

There's a few ways to correct it, try to use the simplest solution if you can. 

So let me see if I understand, if I'm only getting the roll stabilization reversed but manual is right, I only need to reverse the output of the IMU on the roll axis right? where in the output pde would i add the negatives to reverse the roll value?

Sorry for all the questions

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