i have two questions.

Works the ArduPilot Mega 2.0 and Remzibi OSD 3DR together without any special

firmwares? Can i use the latest standard firmware of each?

I cant find any assembling instructions of the  Remzibi OSD 3DR... can you help me?

Thank you very much!! Excuse my bad English ;-)


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Anyone knows??

Hi Chris,

did you took a look an this http://www.happykillmore.com/Software/faq.asp.

I need the same Information like you, i ordered the same Konfig.


The problem is... its a diffrent layout (the remzibi ods 3DR) than the original one...

I hope the Arducopter 2.4 firmware and the original Remzibi firmware are compatible.

Video in... no problem

Video out... no problem

to Power the board... no problem

but... how can i get the Data (GPS etc.) out of the APM 2.0 board and into the Remzibi OSD 3DR board

- pins?!? (APM 2 and OSD)

- anything to configure in the Mission Planner software?!? 

I hope the WIKI show it soon

As far as i am aware the remzibi cant recognise mavlink signals coming from the APM.It is a older design not made exclusively for apm.Originally designed as a cheap osd for showing telemetry during fpv.To ensure compatibly with mission planner , APM etc you would be better off buying a Minim osd.I nearly bought and made same mistake.

Maybe i am wrong but as far as i know that's the case.

Did you find the proper connection between RemzibiOSD and APM2? I am also curious how that works, I am positive should work. I like Remzibi OSD more than MinimOSD, should be a way to make them together.

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