Ardupilot on an Xaircraft x650 V8 body


I have purchased a Xaircraft V8 with 8 coaxial octocopter. The thing is the electronics on this things are horrid.

So I replaced the entire thing with arducopter APM 1, new ESC compatible with arducopter as well as the motors.

When trying to set this thing up I noticed that there is no settings in the flight planner for Coaxial octocopter so I am wondering is there a step by step guide into how to get this setting on board the APM.

I have searched different topics but none of them gave a distinct answer but I saw plenty of people on here flying Coaxial 8 Octocopters using Arducopter

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    Hi Muntasar!

    1) download the latest Arduino 100 here

    2) download the latest ArduCopter code here

    3) connect your APM1 to the eight esc/motors with the instructions here, follow the correct schematic and respect the props/motors position/direction/rotation

    4) edit the file "config.h" inside the ArduCopter code directory, it's easy, read the example inside the file (your frame type is "OCTA_QUAD" for X8)

    In the wiki you will find information on how to upload the "custom code" in your APM1.
    When you are ready with the frame mounted electronics, and if you did not find the information you write well here, someone will help you for sure!

    Here my X8 thread...

    Bests, Marco

  • Yes I know go here just follow the instructions for the frame you are using.You must load the code for OCTA I CHOOSE X. THERE IS NO DISTINCT ANSWER. but lust think about what you are doing & it will be apparent this is the correct cores of action. you need 8 engines don't matter there position special instructions show you how to set the engines in the orientation you need. simple i post some pics of my 8 when I have a chance

  • X8 IS THE SAME AS 8 IF YOU LOOK AT THE PICK IN THE WIKI! So load the the octo 8 code & when connecting use special instructions for X8. they need to fix that in the wiki it no so clear.

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