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Can the Ardupilot be powered from both a 5V supply or a 6 Volt supply?

If so, how are you regulating the power into the ATMega328?

From my understanding it can't take more than 5.5 Volts.


Does anyone have a circuit diagram?


Thanks in advance!




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Fortunately, we've covered all this in the manual. (Simple answer: it can take 6-15v)

PCB/circuit files are also in the manual here
Sorry, I should have clarified.
When powering it from a RC receiver not the battery input.
I had already looked at the hardware diagram but could no see anything in relation to this.

Can 6V come straight in from the servo input without damaging the ATMega328?
Ah. The recommended operating range for an Atmega328 is 1.8 - 5.5v. I don't think 6v would fry it, but if you want to go above that I'd use the built in voltage regulator.
Just wanted to check as I use a 6V receiver pack. to power my receiver and servos.
I guess a few other people might as well.

The Ardupilot multiplexer chip could be damaged by using a battery that is greater than 5.5 vdc. The best way would be to use the 5 vdc BEC from the ESC or a independent switching BEC from the flight battery.

If your battery goes into the receiver, it has a built-in power regulator that should bring the voltage down to 5v for the servos (and thus ArduPilot). I'd measure it to make sure, but lots of people use that configuration as you say and none have reported a problem.

I believe that most recent RC receivers can operate over 3 - 9 vdc (Spektrum products) and do not have onboard regulators. Therefore whatever voltage that is fed to the RC receiver will be sent to the Ardupilot through the servo cables. The best way is to power the receiver with the ESC BEC or and independent BEC to ensure that the receiver is opeating at 5 vdc.

Yes that is correct, I use a spektrum receiver as well. I like having a seperate battery pack for it because it seems to get better range. maybe the extra volt makes a difference?

The reason I asked is because I am making my own little project (powered from the servo rail) and I wondered how Ardupilot handled a 6 volt system. (I though I could copy that part :))

Chris, I know that you "have these things called manuals" as as you described earlier, So, can it be changed to add that it wont run from a six volt receiver pack just incase some one like me tries to. It might save a few boards.

As I said, I think 6v should be fine. I don't want to overcomplicate the manual: anything that can safely drive a RC system can safely drive ArduPilot.
Ok, Thanks!

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