Hi there, I traying to have my UAV proyect running, but after all electronics installed an tested, sudenly

my esc is warning and getting arm keep beepeming full trotle stick, Rc electronics is ok, I just reload

firmware, erase eeprom, same results esc keep beeping, any help pls!!!!!

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This is the original ArduPilot? (That's what category you selected). If not, please give more details. What tests you've done, etc.

hi chris, Yes this is original , I just asembly the board install rc electronic and down load the code with the apm planner latest version, every test was ok on manual mode, setup radio, stabilize mode and auto, but with razon

I just removed battery restart de system and the esc is getting a full trotle signal so it keep beeping on warning

no signal output to aleiron, elevator o rudder, I just erase eeprom and reload the code same results....



I'm confused. The original ArduPilot is this one:

The Mission Planner does not support it. Are you sure you don't have ArduPilot Mega?

If you have no RC output it's usually because you are not powering the RC pins seperately with an ESC. They must have their own power supply, either through the RC receiver or independently.

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