Just tested ArdupilotNE and my EasyStar wants to dive .....Not sure why....Will try again next calm day ...
Wondering if I can move the rudder control back Ch.1 and still use FlyNE for a test...Not use to flying rudder only with the left hand ..... Also How can I slow down the ESC in the software for less motor power in auto ...

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ArduPilot NE does not control the elevator--it shouldn't even be connected to ArduPilot. (Use the ArduPilot 1.0 connections). It's really meant to be used on the ground to test servo directions or with a FMA co-pilot in the air. On the ground, you might as well disconnect the motor connection to the ESC, since you don't need it.
Hi Chris ....
Now that I have the unit passing the ground test is there anyway I can do a
" Flight Test " without the FMA sensors ????.... I have them on order but it will be well into June before I get them ....
I wouldn't risk it.

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