I've just released ArduPlane 2.62

The main reason for this release so soon after 2.61 is to fix elevon mixing. That was broken completely in 2.61. My apologies to everyone with an elevon plane!

Other changes in this release:

  • new IMU timing code from Randy. This improves the accuracy of the timing in the DCM code, which should give a small improvement in attitude estimation
  • fixed fetching of relative altitude when you save a mission from the APM to a file using the mission planner
  • added support for MAV_CMD_PREFLIGHT_REBOOT_SHUTDOWN. This makes it possible to reboot an APM2 remotely from a ground station
  • added speed scaling for wheeled takeoff. This prevents the rudder from over-correcting in the later parts of a takeoff
  • fixed setting a specific GPS protocol for an APM1-1280. This allows you to select any of the GPS drivers in a APM1-1280.
  • fixed navigation roll in an automated landing, to prevent wings hitting the runway during the last stage of a landing
  • fixed LAND_PITCH_CD to only apply to the final part of a landing
  • fixed noisy PWM output on startup on an APM2. This should help with some cheaper ESCs not booting correctly on startup
  • fix for NMEA parsing from Alexey Kozin (thanks Alexey!)
  • added a AHRS_BARO_USE parameter. This allows you to disable the use of the barometer for vertical acceleration correction. Combined with ALT_MIX, this makes it possible to completely disable the use of the barometer (in case your barometer is very badly shielded from air flow)

Happy flying!

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Hi Gabor,

sorry for not replying to this earlier

Does it fix the horison jumping with airspeed if no GPS fix?

When on the ground you actually expect the horizon to jump about a bit, especially with an airspeed sensor connected and no GPS fix. The reason for this is that the attitude estimation system is trying its best to account for sources of acceleration. The accelerometers only see the apparent acceleration, and can't see the impact of accelerations due to turns or linear acceleration of the airframe.

When the APM has a GPS fix it uses the GPS velocity to estimate these acceleration corrections, but when there is no GPS fix it uses the airspeed sensor if there is one. The airspeed sensor is very noisy at low speeds. The amount of noise drops rapidly as you get above about 5 m/s, so it isn't a problem in flight, but it does mean you get quite a lot of noise in the linear acceleration estimate when sitting on the ground. That noise appears as noise in the attitude estimate. It is usually only a few degrees, but it is quite noticeable in the mission planner display.

I have been thinking about filtering the airspeed estimate more heavily at low speed to reduce this effect, but as it doesn't affect the aircraft in flight it isn't a high development priority.

Note that you can get a similar effect with a GPS connected if you have a very poor GPS signal (such as when indoors). Taking the plane outside reduces that effect.

Cheers, Tridge


Does anyone know of a servo deflection issue on the APM1 with this version. The MP calibration works 100% and all is reflecting 100%. I have connected my rc equipment directly into the receiver and this works but when I connect it into the APM1 no response and the ESC does not want to arm it only beeps once. I have reset and erase multiple times and this does not fix it either. I have the bixler 1 and uploaded that parms continuously. I am very confused because it used to work before.


Any help will be appreciated



Not sure whether this may be the problem but you may want to check (best via CLI) that your RCX_MIN values are correctly stored in EEPROM. I've had problems with that on an APM1 recently (2.50 still worked fine).

what is correct values for this? What was yours after the update?

well, depends on your radio but something in the 900's or 1000. But now that I think about it probably you would see very abrupt deflection (from 0 to 100%) in one direction and normal in the other direction. That's what I saw on my second aileron. But checking these can't harm in any case. I guess you can also see the parameter values inside the mission planner?

Did primarily testing on 2.63, have certain observations;

On the fly when current waypoint is updated, even then the plane is continuing to the old waypoint, which has been modified in say altitude or have been even deleted.

All my RCX_min is 1100. is that bad?

I moved it to 983 and still nothing. I am at a los what can it be.

Hi, I had the same problem: elevator up but no throttle on auto mode with takeoff command. My solution was to enter coordinates for the takeoff command. Takeoff command didn't use to require coordinates. But at some point, something must have changed.

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