I've just released ArduPlane 2.62

The main reason for this release so soon after 2.61 is to fix elevon mixing. That was broken completely in 2.61. My apologies to everyone with an elevon plane!

Other changes in this release:

  • new IMU timing code from Randy. This improves the accuracy of the timing in the DCM code, which should give a small improvement in attitude estimation
  • fixed fetching of relative altitude when you save a mission from the APM to a file using the mission planner
  • added support for MAV_CMD_PREFLIGHT_REBOOT_SHUTDOWN. This makes it possible to reboot an APM2 remotely from a ground station
  • added speed scaling for wheeled takeoff. This prevents the rudder from over-correcting in the later parts of a takeoff
  • fixed setting a specific GPS protocol for an APM1-1280. This allows you to select any of the GPS drivers in a APM1-1280.
  • fixed navigation roll in an automated landing, to prevent wings hitting the runway during the last stage of a landing
  • fixed LAND_PITCH_CD to only apply to the final part of a landing
  • fixed noisy PWM output on startup on an APM2. This should help with some cheaper ESCs not booting correctly on startup
  • fix for NMEA parsing from Alexey Kozin (thanks Alexey!)
  • added a AHRS_BARO_USE parameter. This allows you to disable the use of the barometer for vertical acceleration correction. Combined with ALT_MIX, this makes it possible to completely disable the use of the barometer (in case your barometer is very badly shielded from air flow)

Happy flying!

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As you scroll through the list of hash numbers, the firmware version numbers change under each of the icons.  No guesswork needed.  Very nice feature.  Thanks.

Hi Rana--Just confirming that I have the same issue with the HIL version in 2.62.  I mistakenly reported that in the 2.61 thread.


Thanks for the info!

Quick question on trim. I had the airplane trimmed in manual mode. I calibrated the radio. I then fly and FBW-A mode and it wants to yaw slightly to the left and needs right trim to eliminate the yaw. I added the trim to fly straight and level with no yaw but if I go back to manual I have a strong yaw to the right that I have to eliminate the additional trim. 

This appears to be my last kink, I'd greatly appreciate the help!



Thanks Cris. I will do some tests with the ESCs other versions to see if changes.

I have had to disable the APM 2.0 from using my airspeed sensor for flight calculations.  Before being disabled I was not able to get RTL to work correctly, it would return but was loosing altitude slowly until I had to take over.  Once I disabled the airspeed sensor from being used in flight calculations, RTL worked perfect, it would return to home and hold the altitude and circle. My question is:  Now that I have the Airspeed disabled for flight calculation will FBW B still work as it requires an airspeed sensor?

Thought I would ask before I tried it.


Not observing any HIL Mode connectivity issue with Mission Planner in Arduplane 2.62 Revision: 8c012b639478, 100% success rate.

Hi guys!

i solved my slow HUD reaction problem just connecting the GPS. It is strange thought because it works sometimes without it!

I tried the plane and everything was nice and smooth!

Both elevons are exactly the same in manual and stabalize mode when holding level. You may want to redo your radio calibration?

Today I tested the do_jump command and am glad to say it is working again! Thanks Andrew!

All is good after reloading the code ^^

I have test 2.6.2 during 2 minutes.

I just landed the plane for a check.

And at the second launch, big fail ! My hand in the prop ..... ( fixed wing with a pusher prop :/ )

I'm pushing 2.63 with the no-GPS fix now

Hi Andrew,

Does it fix the horison jumping with airspeed if no GPS fix?


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