I've just released ArduPlane 2.62

The main reason for this release so soon after 2.61 is to fix elevon mixing. That was broken completely in 2.61. My apologies to everyone with an elevon plane!

Other changes in this release:

  • new IMU timing code from Randy. This improves the accuracy of the timing in the DCM code, which should give a small improvement in attitude estimation
  • fixed fetching of relative altitude when you save a mission from the APM to a file using the mission planner
  • added support for MAV_CMD_PREFLIGHT_REBOOT_SHUTDOWN. This makes it possible to reboot an APM2 remotely from a ground station
  • added speed scaling for wheeled takeoff. This prevents the rudder from over-correcting in the later parts of a takeoff
  • fixed setting a specific GPS protocol for an APM1-1280. This allows you to select any of the GPS drivers in a APM1-1280.
  • fixed navigation roll in an automated landing, to prevent wings hitting the runway during the last stage of a landing
  • fixed LAND_PITCH_CD to only apply to the final part of a landing
  • fixed noisy PWM output on startup on an APM2. This should help with some cheaper ESCs not booting correctly on startup
  • fix for NMEA parsing from Alexey Kozin (thanks Alexey!)
  • added a AHRS_BARO_USE parameter. This allows you to disable the use of the barometer for vertical acceleration correction. Combined with ALT_MIX, this makes it possible to completely disable the use of the barometer (in case your barometer is very badly shielded from air flow)

Happy flying!

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Those that are having a problem with slow/no HUD movement: do you have your GPS connected? I can confirm a bug that slows the display if the GPS is not connected (obviously this is only an issue on the bench, not in the real world, where you'd always have GPS)

I am asking the same question:
How can i install an earlier version of arduplane using the Mission Planner?

Do you guys have the GPS plugged in? I can replicate a bug if no GPS is connected. 

That capability has been requested many many times and the answer is that it’s a policy thing and they don’t want you to use old versions because they don’t support them. You will just have to be grounded until the next version comes out.

That’s why that now wait a week or two after a new version comes out and read all the comments before I upgrade.


If no bugs, that is correct.

We should be pushing a fix to that slow-HUD-with-no-GPS bug in the next day.

In the meantime, there is a secret feature in the MP does allow you to load older firmware. Press Control-O in the Firmware tab and it will open a little box  at the bottom right that will allow you pick earlier versions, identified by their Git hash number. We don't support this and it's not obvious what hash number corresponds to what software version number, but if you pick the second one down the list, that's probably the previous version of the firmware. 

Chris - That did it! What a bug.I knew that it had to be something simple. thanks. Great to be back in business. Now to some flying.

I am also having issues getting any indication of airspeed. Working fine with 2.60, updated to 2.62, reloaded all the params, and airspeed sits at zero. All the obvious settings are correct. Have been playing with APM1 (2560) since Nov 2011 so hopefully have all settings correct.


I have tested airspeed in terminal using test airspeed function and values coming in fine, so HW must be ok.


I'm having problems with my ulbox lea-6h.  The APM 2.5 board goes dark, when I hook up the GPS to it via the old GPS connection.  I have not been able to figure that out.  My immediate work around was to compile 2.60 and upload it to the 2.5 board.  The board is responding correctly to movements now.

John: check for a bent pin in the connector on the board--it sounds like it's causing a short. I'm not seeing any issues with my board and that GPS.

Chris, it's not the board it's on the GPS.  None of the pins on either end are bent.   I don't have the connections/cables to test what's wrong with it, yet.  I'm ordering them now.

Have had another fiddle, and found that he ARSP_USE parameter must be set to "USE" for the APM1 to indicate airspeed in the mission planner.


 This, if my memory serves me correctly, is a change in behaviour from 2.60.



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