I've just released ArduPlane 2.74beta3. I'm hoping this will be the last beta before the 2.74 release. Please test it as much as you can!
The simplest way to try it is to use a pre-built firmware from http://firmware.diydrones.com.

Key features include:

There are many more smaller changes as well. I'll post a full list of changes in the announcement for the final 2.74 release.

Note that it may take an hour for the autobuilder to build all the firmwares for the new beta release. Check the git-version.txt in each directory to ensure it is 2.74beta3.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release!

Cheers, Tridge

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TX first!


Thanks for the release! I was able to get a flight in today on beta 4. Tlog is on droneshare. I flew a bunch of the new Cruise mode and some Acro. The roll and pitch PIDs aren't tuned as well as they could be since I usually fly this plane in manual or stabilize. TECS params were all default, the winds were too variable/gusty for me to bother tuning today. Still, a noticeable improvement over the old algorithm.

The new modes are awesome! In acro, my Twinstar II felt more like a wing. It just went where I pointed it. It felt very locked in and smooth. Cruise will be great while sightseeing FPV. Even with highly variable wind speeds, it did a great job holding course.


Thanks for the report Tom! It looks like it did really well.

I'm glad ACRO is working well on your plane, especially as it isn't a traditional acrobatic plane. I've been flying it on my AddictionX, but that is a true 3D plane, so I was expecting ACRO to be fine on it. I was hoping it would also be good on planes with a bit of dihedral, and it's nice to know that is working!

Cheers, Tridge

All of the reports I've had have been positive, and I've done a bunch of test flights myself over the last 3 days, so I have now released APM:Plane 2.74.



Congrats on your work. I have been away from arduplane for a while and recently installed one in skywalker and another in in a xeno flying wing. I can report that even without tuning it flew both planes incredibly well. After tuning as described in the new manual, it is simply fantastic. Planes are flying great, they both flew auto missions and grids very accurately.

One question I have relates to elevon mixing. I have followed the instructions for the new method and got it working great on the xeno. The only minor issue I have is there is significantly more roll authority than elevator. increasing pitch p, I etc was not effective as the elevator travel in FBA and auto was fairly low. I managed to try to increase the mixing gain which gave me the required elevator authority and travel (but also increased aileron). So my question - is there a way to target the elevator only ? or is the method I used acceptable and I just need to reduce roll PIDs to compensate?

thanks again for this excellent work


Hi Al,

Currently we don't have a way to setup an asymmetric mixer. So the method you used of increasing MIXING_GAIN and then decreasing RLL2SRV_P is correct.

Also note that reducing the aileron range in your transmitter (or setting it up for low rates on roll) and re-doing your radio configuration will be equivalent. Most transmitters have a menu for setting the rate for each channel.

Cheers, Tridge

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