ArduPlane 3.1.1 not working proper on flying wing any body else facing problem as soon as switch on to fbwb or auto mode it nose dive and roll on one side.

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Ahmed, Tridge has responded, it is a setup problem please undertake the steps he has advised.

Its 99.99% likely that Tridges recommendations will solve your problem.

I recently bought pixhawk and the last firmware version I used until recently was 2.67, since then a new method of elevon mixing had been introduced, which had me stumped for a day until I found this page

Make sure to read it carefully in particular the chapter - New style elevon mixing EEPROM setup (ELEVON_OUTPUT option)

Tridge, when I upgrade to 3.1.1 on my flying wing, do I need to re-do the accelerometer calibration? Thanks Jeff

I will re calibrate and will check the result 

yes i already checked this and tested using elevon_output option in manual mode it is ok. i will do next flight after recalibration and will update.

I think  you are right trim seems to bit out i will enable auto trim and will test the result also will recalibrate the radio.

Gary /  Tridge one thing i cant understand it flew one mission with the same setting ok navigating all waypoints and then started orbiting over head. 

Hi Ahmed,

Do you have the logs of that successful flight?

One thing to understand that may help you with the setup is that when you enable ELEVON_OUTPUT that is exactly the same as installing a hardware elevon mixer in your plane on the elevator/aileron channels. So all of the flight control algorithms, stability etc is the same on a flying wing as any other plane.

Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge

attach pl find the log of successful flight.



Thanks to every body specially Tridge / Gary

Just Tested with new calibration worked perfect tuned with auto tune.  tested FBW_A and auto mode also worked perfect. The P gains were too low as default . will test auto takeoff and land and will update.


Today Auto takeoff worked perfect will try auto landing in next flight any suggestions on approach of autolanding height and distances.

I also am having this problem that you have now corrected. I am flying a Hercules wing on 4S, twin engine. The last two flights when I enabled RTL my plane ended up in a steep dive, both times I regained control. I am using the new digital airspeed sensor. My main question is, if I was flying at less then my cruise airspeed of 17 m/s when I engaged RTL, would the plane drop altitude to gain speed. Thanks for your help JEFF

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