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Hi all. I'm new to the forum and currently building a Dynaflight Bird of Time. I have an ARDU 2.5 and sourcing components to complete the project. I know this has to have been discussed before, but can't seem to find any links to previous discussions. So, arduplane doesn't appear to support sonar, but arducopter does. Any reason why? I am primarily looking at sonar for landing flair. I've also looked at a miniature laser range finder from FLIR systems, but afraid to ask about the cost (well, I will, but I know  it will be pricey). I've also seen some DIY range finders using a laser pointer and camera. But sonar seems an inexpensive solution if it can be made to work on a fixed wing airframe. Anyone have any suggestions? Cheers!

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    I think it's been toyed with once or twice but the work to integrate the sonar hasn't been completed on the plane.  I have some vague recollection that there's a top speed above which the sonar won't work and maybe it's reliability is also very different depending upon the surface below the plane.

    I've also heard Tridge say that more than the sonar, he wants to use the optical flow sensor to judge the altitude above ground ('cuz the optical flow can be used either way - the calculate the speed if you know the altitude or altitude if you know the speed)

    Still, I've never heard anyone say that a sonar won't work.

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