• Found this:

    Anybody willing to write up a step by step for doing this?

  • Anyone have a fix for this? Mine is buried as well

  • Hi Randy, has there been any further work on this at all?

    I've noticed there looks to be a bit of common code in the notify routines so am hoping LED_MODE is headed for ArduPlane :-)

    I'm a bit of a Noob when it comes to ardu development but was tempted to have a go and try to compile a version for myself but it didnt seem as straight forward as the RSSI 3.3v mod i tried first.

    I may just have to let someone more experienced move it along but its certainly a feature that would be an advantage for those of us that don't have their APMs visible from outside their airframes.


    • Did you find your solution? 

      Can anyone confirm that there is no way to hook up any external buzzer for arming or LEDs for GPS lock or status? 

      Have the APM 2.6 buried in the plane and would love to have the external LEDs.

  • Developer

    We've got a plan to make a shared library for "notifications" which will support the current LED stuff and buzzer and once we do that it will be easier to make it work on ArduPlane and ArduRover...less copying of code.  I can't make promises on the timing, it's more likely to be Tridge or Buzz doing the work but we're thinking about it and making some tentative steps.

  • Moderator

    Hi Stefan

    Yes please, I hope so, That would be great especailly for us who love flying wings with the APM buried inside the wing, Status LED's would answer a big problem.

    • I have found that the arduplane software needs a few things:

      Led status so that you can see what is going on with GPS and Armed or not?

      It does not seem to have the same arming procedure as copter??  Mine just arms all by itself!! Nasty.

      Any idea if this is in progress?



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