ArduPlane RTL Descends Height-first Instead of Distance-first

Hi all.  This question has already been asked in a similar thread, but with no responses, I'm taking a second stab at it. 

The RTL behaviour I get when I select RTL is that the aircraft rapidly descends to RTL altitude at its maximum descent rate, then motors home.  As I mostly use AP in gliders, I would like to configure it so it descends at whatever angle will take it home, using the motor only if needed.  Often I will have lots of altitude to glide home, but the RTL function descends as fast as it can, wasting a good deal of altitude. 

Is this tunable somehow, or is it a logic change?  I could set the max descent rate to really low, but then it would take a long long time to descend if it is close to home.  Any suggestions of where to start looking in the code/configuration?

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Good point, this should be standard.

This is a very good question.  So the autopilot could cause it to not make it back to the desired location for landing?  I don't know but is there a setting to disable logic for powered flight?  Perhaps it thinks it has power when in fact it does not?


I have looked through the code already Here.

As far as I can see, there are only min. and max. pitch to adjust, and the parameter for how high above home RTL should go to.

Waypoint flight will ramp the altitude linearly between waypoints. And as far as I remember, when you engage auto flight, it will do the same from the point it was engaged.

You could set a waypoint above your home, and use auto on that instead of RTL.



Without digging into the code, what you're suggesting (setting an overhead waypoint, auto to fly back home) sounds like a fairly simple modification.  I'd like to see someone implement this and make it the default behaviour of RTL. 



I would not. If my home altitude + ALT_HOLD_RTL is 500m and the plane is at300m and there is a 450m mountain between I want it to climb to 500 first, then cruise home.

But if the plane is higher than home altitude + ALT_HOLD_RTL it might be okay..



great! that is what i need!

great! that is what i need

wise method!

but have you think about it  that  you have to fly over all of the waypoint before landing. if your waypoints is more then 3,in emergency circumstances you might need come back immediately!

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