hi there 
I have had the APM for a few weeks now and and i am trying out the auto function.
It follows the mission course fine the first time.
Then i try to load a different course and write it to the APM, then i switch it into Auto mode in the air and all it does is circle around in the air and eventually try kill itself (nose dive).
I also noticed that it becomes very jerky on the Ailerons like it is trying to correct it self quickly while flying in circles. 

I did not reset the APM board between loading the missions.
I am using ArduPlane v2.28 and APM mission planner.

I have added a log it happens at 63%

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well just had another flight and it killed itself.

when i flicked into auto mode it started circling and went into a unrecoverable steep dive and completely destroyed the whole plane. Lucky hobbyking exists .

Im beginning to think a faulty gyro?

That might explain the PID gains have to be incredibly high for it to fly straight and even when i flicked it into stabilize it just kept circling or it.

I followed the instructions completely when uploading the firmware 


That's terrible! Sorry to hear.

I see you're flying very close to the ground, only 30 of 40 meters, ~120ft? I fly at 100m, ~ 330ft.

I ruled out possibility of faulty servo, because you could fly manually or stabilised with no problem.

Somebody with more experience needs to help here.

Seems all the guys with the knowledge is still on holiday or found something else to do!

Can anyone else help me?

Really don't want to feel like i brought a $250 paper weight.


I'm not an expert either (my time in AUTO was mostly spend in the simulator due to a terribly long winter around here). Some thoughts anyway:

I agree with Hein that if you can fly safely in stabilize/FBW mode then it is unlikely that your sensors are producing incorrect output.. although still possible I suppose. As Hein also asked, you confirmed correct "stabilizing" control surface movement on ground?

Since this problem only occurs seemingly at the end of a mission or the start of a new one I'd also suspect the RTL behavior is somehow wrong. This may be to an incorrect altitude setting or something goes wrong with the flight controls at that point.. but really, I'm just guessing. Have you considered trying to reproduce the problem in HIL simulation? That would avoid the risk of further damaging your airframe at least.. also you could try to add more debug info.

Good luck, Andre

Here is another clue it says it is out of commands and goes into loiter mode.

But looking into other flight logs they seem to all be different

Yes stablizize works fine on the ground.

But when i first setup the stabilize mode with the gains and got it to fly straight i only used it that time and did not use stabilize until the last flight and all of a sudden it starts circling in stabilize btw i had not changed any of the gains. 

I also would like to add that the circling problem is intermittent and will pretty much do it when ever it wants whether it is just been put into auto or it is half way through a mission.

The time it did it half way through a mission i put the aileron stick in the opposite direction and it fixed it self and continued with the mission.    

Before it crashed

When it works properly.

Where there any gusts?

How much rudder throw do you have? I found that too much rudder will cause a tip stall. The AP will try to correct and then just do it again until it runs out of air. Especially when loitering or otherwise making sharp turns.

no there wern't any gusts

i will check out the rudder


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