hi there 
I have had the APM for a few weeks now and and i am trying out the auto function.
It follows the mission course fine the first time.
Then i try to load a different course and write it to the APM, then i switch it into Auto mode in the air and all it does is circle around in the air and eventually try kill itself (nose dive).
I also noticed that it becomes very jerky on the Ailerons like it is trying to correct it self quickly while flying in circles. 

I did not reset the APM board between loading the missions.
I am using ArduPlane v2.28 and APM mission planner.

I have added a log it happens at 63%

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Do you have a 1280 board or 2560?

That's the 1280 but the 2560 looks the same. Look on the chip it is stamped. If it's the older version it is a 1280 and they are no longer supported.  If you do get the code loaded it can run bulky and freeze up, I had that issue running recent versions of arduplane code on my old 1280. If you have a 1280 it's time to upgrade to a 2560, that solved my issues.

yep it is the 2560

Brent, have you been reporting on your problems with the 1280 somewhere? Would be interesting to read. I still have one and intend to continue to use it (subject to code changes) and would be surprised to hear that it would freeze more often than a 2560 does. I mean the code either fits or it doesn't but why should the runtime behaviour be affected?

Cheers, Andre



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