The former wiki for Ardurover was complete and clear about the first time setup. The current new ardurover wiki site does not give a clue about the channel assignments In (steering, throttle, mode)/Out (which servo outputs to use for steering/throttle), especially for a tank style track steering.

In the first wiki there was a diagram showing the inputs/outputs which was very clear.

Has anyone got a backup or copy of the old wiki site ?


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Servos has to be connected to Port 1 and Port 3 in Skid Steering


Servos yes, but which input channels for throttle and steering ? That info is not given (was in the previous wiki)

I have tried by trial and error to use channel 1 and channel 3, also channel 1 and channel 2, Pixhawk just ouputs a signal on RC1 (nothing on RC3) .

Same vehicle I used a while ago with a previous ardurover release (2.4 I think). Was working fine then.

Wha the heck has changed in release 3 that makes it so nightmarish to setup ?

You have run into the same issue I saw.
Arming has been integrated in the Rover but not correctly. You have two options:

Arm the rover. It should work

Set ARMING_REQUIRED to False (0)



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