hello i have decided that for a project in my school i wll madke a ardu-rover but i have a lot of problems that i could not find the answers to in the fourms.

1. i am living in bangkok and i cant find any shops that have the parts i need to make a rover 

2. i have a strict budget of under 450$ and need cheap and reasonable equipment

3. i am still not sure how to install the ardurino chip in to the car or if i need a soldering iron or something to join things together. (a video?)

4. i am a complete noob in uavs

(links would be nice)

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Since you have stated that you have limited experience with uavs, I suggest that you try to find a robotics club in your area of Bangkok where you can get local support. It is going to be hard for members on this Forum to assist you from such a long distance away with other than just answering general questions.



Hi Rohit,

for parts you could connect with janni from jdrones in the city of bangkok.

there you will probably get at least the essential needed 'heart' for a APMrover, the ArduPilot Mega Hardware.






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