Hello Everyone!

I'm a newbie though I've been a member of this group for some months now but didn't have the time to participate in the discussions, this is my first post. =) now I started building my own rover and it's already running with direct control from transmitter to receiver, already mounted a gopro for fpv and next is I want to add APM. My chassis is a 1/10 scale Tamiya Clod Buster.

My question is, can I use the ArduRover code in the old APM board?

I have this board:

also, can anyone point me to a sample apm code for this board that reads signal from the transmitter then sends it to the receiver? (I'm using Turnigy 9x) I saw it before somewhere but can't find it anymore...hoping somebody can send me a link to it...TIA!

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Derick: ArduRover will run on all APM boards, I'm afraid that's not an APM. It's the original ArduPilot (not Mega), and it doesn't have any sensors at all! 

Oh...so I guess I have to dismount my apm2 board from my quad to try it on the rover...=)

Thanks for the quick reply Chris...

The APM 1 is now just $150. Or upgrade your quad with a new APM 2.5+ kit ;-) 

I've been thinking about the second option for several days now, I'm in Japan, still waiting for Randy to have it on his japandrones.com website...if the timing is right, I might upgrade... =)


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