Ardurover on Turnigy trailblazer

I found the Turnigy trailblazer from hobbyking a fairly cheap, but still performant and fast base vehicle to start testing my APM1280 + imu and ardurover 2.20 firmware on it.


After some days of hairpulling, because a magnet from my camera lens was dangling too close to the magnetometer, I got it running pretty good.

With some finetuning and maybe some modifications I should be able to give the turnigy trailblazer some more speed.  And ofcourse record fpv video :-)


I hope we can pick up the development of ardurover, cause this is really a fun project !  

Ideas for improvements are welcome !

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  • 100KM

    My trailblazer is still running strong!  I did put a $5 cooler on the motor and some diff oil in the differentails.  Also reglued the tires with CA (just put some CA along the rim.

    It's a very fun car with awesome performance for fundriving.  I wouldn't recommend it for racing as it is not agile enough, but for a  apm rover you get a lot of bang for buck.  Spare parts are also very cheap at hobbyking, but are also available from redcat (it's the same car as the redcat earthquake 8E)

    Only 1 thing will make me advise against it : it seems it has dissapeared from the hobbyking international site and is only available in Germany, USA and AUS now.  So I'm a bit afraid that hobbyking may stop selling it, which could leave you searching for spare parts (not that you need any, so far I have only replaced 1 screw that fell out and got lost)

    Oh, and it's damn fun to give the $500 traxxas owners a run for their money.

  • Developer

    Hi u4eake,

    can you still recomment the trailblazer ?

    i need another vehicle soon and it seems that it could fit.



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