Hi All,

I have a boat running Ardurover 3.1.2 on pixhawk in skid steer out mode. I want the boat to turn on the spot without moving forward or backwards.

At the moment full left or right stick on the transmitter produces at a guess 10% rear thrust and 30% forward thrust which results in a wide arcing turn with increasing forward speed and an opeining of the arc.

On a boat, rear thrust is less efficient that forward, so I need almost the opposite of these ratios to keep the boat stationary whilst turning.

I can't seem to find any perameters that relate to this kind of adjustment, is this possible?

I've had a good search around and can't find an answer to this but appologies if I've missed something and am duplicating forum content.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Cheers, Russ

*am unable to supply logs; pixhawk won't write them. Have tried different cards and all types of formatting etc. to no avail.

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