Ardustation 2 - 2.0.20 Adds Servo Setup, Compatibility with 3DR OSD, Optional Baro Altitude For Pointing

This release modifies the Antenna Test screen to allow better servo setup for other antenna platforms/servos. Schedules an additional Mavlink message to support the display of some parameters on the 3DR OSD. Adds servo reverse defines. Adds an option to use VFR Hud altitude (derived from baro alt) instead of GPS altitude for antenna pointing. 

I've also added a pdf which describes how to add configure Ardustation 2 for other antenna mounts/servos.

Available here:

YouTube video demonstrating the antenna test screen:

Please be sure to download the zip file to a empty folder and to  only use the library folder contained in the distribution. Do not merge this library folder with either the ACM or APM library folders. This software should be compiled with Arduino 1.0.3 or Arduino 1.0.1.  Do not use the earlier versions as indicated in the Ardustation wiki. 

Please let me know if you have any issues with this release.

Heino R. Pull

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You could add code to master a couple of I2C slaves, and it is possible with some external wires on the Ardustation (need to add pull up resistors for I2C), but it will be tough to debug with the limited debugging features of the Ardustation. If I were to try it I would be sure to have a logic analyzer available and be careful of the limited ram. 

I just consider another option - adapt your code (Ardustation2_APM_ACM_2.0.20_Mavlink1.0) to ASM, from JDrones.

I mean mainly the antenna tracker code, which is vital for me, others could stay from origin - LCD display driving routines, etc... As i seen in another thread jdrones ASM has problems with antenna tracking - not tested or uncertain if even usable?

The advantage is obvious - more serial ports and lot mooore RAM.

Do you thinks is it possible just to take your code and adapt it for ASM from jdrones?

It is possible, but there are a few differences that need some work - such as the switch input - which is quite a bit different and the LCD which is larger, and has graphic modes. It would definitely be a better choice - particularly since 3DR has discontinued the original Ardustation. I have not followed the ASM for at least 5 months now so I don't know the current status, but JDRONES had at one point hired an engineer to port the antenna tracking stuff over and they have indicated in the past that they were working on major antenna tracking projects - some quite large ones. 

It is really possible, just more work than just a few tweaks in the source code.

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