I have an Ardustation and it's working fine, but it is much more fun to
have the screen of the computer showing telemetry, although I'd like to
have the feature of tracking antenna (that's only available with the

So, my question is: is that possible to have my computer receiving the
telemetry wirelessly (as normal) and then I have my Ardustation
connected to my computer via FTDI cable receiving the same data?

The setup should look like that:

-)----[xBee]------COM1----->[Computer ]>-----COM2--------[Ardustation]

The xbee should be connected to com1 in my pc for instance, receiving the telemetry data and displaying in the GCS, and the PC should be
retransmitting the same data to COM2 (where the FTDI cable coming from Ardustation should be

This way Ardustation can receive the telemetry via FTDI cable and drive the antenna.
Any ideas on how to perform that?


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Okay,  so let me see if I got this...

Modem to Ardustation ----> Ardustation to PC inverting TX and RX via COM port.  

So the Ardustation is transmitting the data to PC from the modem kind of like a relay?

Forgive me for sounding like a n00b, however, I do not have the hardware yet to test out these theories.  I'm trying to gather as much information about the setup before I purchase items.

My current system will have the primary flight controls through the ArduPlane with joystick and throttle assembly.  Will this setup affect the uplink to the aircraft?  The modem is a transceiver so I do not think it will affect the uplink but integrating other hardware between the PC and aircraft could add unnecessary latency.  Does this sound like a feasible problem or is the difference so minute that I shouldn't even worry about it?

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