Are there ways to turn off all the failsafes in 3DR drones?

I know this sounds like a ridiculous question to ask but we really need to know how to turn off ALL the failsafes for 3DR drones. I understand the need for them when they are outside with people but we have a cage built for them and we need the failsafes off for our research. Does anyone know how to turn them all off so we can continue or research?

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You can use Mission Planner or Tower.  These will give you access to the parameters...and then it is just a matter of setting the disable option and then uploading the changed parameter file.  You can not really provided much information as to your knowledge so not sure if you even know what MP or Tower are, how to connect to them, if you know what the parameter file is, etc.  You need to expand on your question I think.

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