Armed the APM but will not work with the ESC's and motors?

I hooked up my APM 2.6 to the computer. Installed the firmware, calibrated the transmitter, and ARMED the APM. But when I installed it on the quad copter it powered up with the Lipo, played a tune, then began to beep. The APM is flashing, the receiver has its little red light showing, and the external GPS is flashing. But when I push the throttle on the transmitter nothing happens? Motors don’t run…? Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks…

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Okay, I manage to get three of the four motors to run, by ESC calibration, (AKA: setting the end points). (Flashing them.)The 4th motor wants too run but stops quickly? (I think the ESC is the cause of this?) I'll try to manually calibrate just this ESC and see if that fixes the problem?

That 4th motor not running right? I believe now that may be caused from a weak battery? I didn't have a full charge when I started the quad test. (Charging the battery now.) Will test that theory as soon as the battery is charged...

I charged the battery and the motor still would not run? It would beep and do a few quick revolutions then stop? I'll take it apart and clean it to see if that does anything if not then the motor is probably bad and needs to be replaced. Of course I still have three motors working so I can turn it into tri-copter? Oh well...

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