Hi All,
Heres a few vids of my new fpv plane built to take out a 200km badge.
Avail now at www.Asiatechdrones.com in both EPO and Full Composite versions.

Cyclops-E Test flight and second flight videos. A very promising new airframe.

This is not a techpod, I have one and they should not be compared as in my personal opinion the techpod was never properly finished, forgotten about and always left a Lot to be desired.

This is a cyclops and the design is owned by John, read up if you want to know the whole story... It's had a lot of work and $ put into it by John at asia tech drones to fix all the problems the other one had, is strong and is a great flyer.
Oh yeah... And the wings stay on.

My finished weight is 1590g rtf with std Fpv camera... No lipos or HD cam or its mounts etc.
With a 7800 3s I'm 2125g... Needs at least 520g worth battery to balance on spar.
There is no bare foam on wings or control surfaces, what isn't covered in glass tape is covered in clear tape/lam with proper overlaps and lots of very careful ironing.

RVosd G6 with airspeed sensor.
Castle talon 35A esc
Thunderpower 7800 prolite 3s or 24-30 Panasonic 18650b cells.
OS 3820-960 11x7 APC prop.
Hitec hs56&65 servos 
Ezuhf 8ch lite.
Lawmate 500 vtx 
Tbs59 cam.
Shielded vid cables etc.
My personal Build/flying cost around $1300Au with Lipo... $1600 with Li-ion packs. (Assuming kit cost of $180 odd)

More build pics in my blog attachments.

Videos below....



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  • Chris, as an impartial observer, I gotta say, it's you and John that appear to be in the wrong.  While Wayne's tone might be a little unprofessional at this point, I can just imagine what has gone on behind the scenes that has led to his frustration.

    This Cyclops does appear to be a complete knock-off of the TechPod.  It does not sound like you have rights to produce it.  Even if you made improvements to the design (I do like the composite version though it's crazy expensive) this whole deal sounds really shady.

  • 100KM

    sorry just because i worked for you a long time ago means nothing. You have never paid me to design the techpod. you paid me to build airplanes for you and that was back in 2009 for about 8 months.

    I designed the techpod. you never paid me a dime for it. you have no right to it what so ever. And now we are back to the " I have techpod rights" argument.

    maybe you should stick to one argument.

    so is the cyclops a techpod copy or not? do you assert ownership of the design or do you assert the cyclops is an original design? 

    sorry the idea that I used a computer that you ditched with me to design the techpod means you own it is a bunch of nonsense.

    if my grandma gives you a paper tablet and a pencil for xmas, does not mean she owns anything I draw on it.

    you have an obligation to enter into a contract with me in order to produce the techpod lawfully. That is my right and it will be asserted. you are attempting to strip me of that right and i will not stand for it. Your refusal to enter into a signed contract is why you where excluded for the techpod project. You have done nothing but do exactly what you threatened to do. You got ahold of the files and told me your rich and get to do whatever you want. you explained how you would simply have my design manufactured over sea if I did not let you manufacture it without a contract. 

    Sorry but I will not be silent.

  • 100KM

    well lets see where the truth is.

    assertion #1 "If you disagree with the US Copyrights office then I suggest you take it up with them."

    here is a quote from the office of copyrite. " Please be advised that the Copyright Office serves primarily as an office of record"

    the office of copyright is not an arbitrator only a keeper of record. they do no make decisions concerning infringement. 

    assertion #2 " It(cyclops) has nothing to do with the Techpod

    give me a freaking break this picture is an exact copy of the files I sent you when you said you could find me a better manufacturer.

    this is from your post on RCG


    this is a screen shot from my design.


    The idea the cyclops is not a copy of the techpod is a joke. why so many internal similarities? the only differences I see are the things I ended up leaving out. Don't worry john starting a company in Seychelles won't prevent me from suing you personally.

  • 100KM

    Congratulations! must have been hard taking someone else's design. ripping off the designer. stuffing some off the shelf batteries into it and flying it. where exactly the achievement here?

    tell me ChrisG how would you like it if I post your video on the front of DIYdrones and claim its my flight?  I designed the techpod ! no one helped me or paid me to do it. John Smith has never given me a dime for my design. I worked almost an entire year  to make the techpod happen for the diydrones community.

    he is ripping me off! he is ripping you off too. I will be aking to have this taken down. you are violating my copyright. The TOS of this site clearly state " to facilitate the unlawful distribution of copyrighted content " this will be reported to the moderators.

    neither of you even have the human decency to give me the credit for designing it. wow what an achievement.  

  • Moderator

    Hi Chris

    Just curious did it have an autopilot on board and was any of the flight autonomous?

    Also from an interest POV, where in Qld did you have the flight?


  • So Chris I guess you can claim that 200km badge now. Are there ANY other ones out there? Very Cool !!!

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