I am looking for a guide to help with final assembly.

I have a Hexa 3DR with APM 1

How does the APM assembly mount to the plate?

Does the PDB just get sandwiched between plates?

How do I hook up the ESC's to the APM assembly?


Thanks in advance!


P.S. I found a lot of information on older models/versions but nothing for what I have.

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Are you using the assembly instructions?

Found that BUT I have the HEXA 3DR everything is different (Frame, PDB etc...)

and that does not show connections between the boards also it looks like I do not have the correct connector cables for my TX/RX combo  (Spektrum DX7 with AR6200)

Here is the link for what I purchased


Thanks in advance!


So use the Hexa instructions. They're right in the product listing

I asked Sales and in here before I ordered on what all I needed to build this, anything extra that was not in the kit etc..

Now it looks like I need:


More, There is nothing that I can remember that says I only need the signal from the PDB for the ESC's.....

and the ESC's have A,B,C and the motors have Red, Black Blue does the instruction show that?  I dont recall reading that either.

Thanks in advance!


Instructions on how to hook up the ESCs are in the manual. 


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