Hi, today I've got a problem when I mount my APM2 with turn off onboard GPS and I use a new 3DR GPS. While GPS isn't block all seem ok but when GPS is lock pitch start to oscilate. If it's in stabilized mode the pitch servo try to correct attitude.

Can GPS affect to attitude?, because I had not a good free sky.

Mi firmware is ArduPlane 2.40.

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If the GPS signal gets worse, the pitch varies more.

I want the correct attitude to the GPS independently, since I do not trust the GPS since I have APM2

Today I plug MTK GPS and I the problem is solved, can be a problem of LEA6 GPS?

I do other test with another APM2 and the result was the same, nobody else has this problem?

I am having the same problem with APM 2.5 I have a good lock but the Pitch oscilates and can be seen in the HUD in mission planner. Replacing the GPS with an MTK one makes the problem go away.


I would love to know what is causing this?

Are you sure you are not running Arduplane 2.50. I believe it is the first version to use GPS velocity data to correct the AHRS drift. When operating indoors the velocity signal can get noisy and cause slight oscillations. Take the unit outside and see if the problem goes away. Lots of people have been noticing this and they are all indoors cheking out the new equipment. Outdoors with a clear view of the sky the problem is gone.

Yes I'm sure that my arduplane is 2.4 and I did the test in two boards. Tomorrow I'll go to a good clear sky.

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