I get a voltage reading that makes sense, but even a fully charged battery only shows at 23%, also a flat battery shows at 23% when I first connect xbee.

It doesn't make a difference if I plug in a 3s 3000mah battery or a 4s 6000mah battery.  Same results.


Assistance would be appriciated.  I saw someone else post the same problem under the 2.6 Released topic but has had no replies.


Thanks in advance.


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I think this issue is still unresolved. I have used .94 and .95. Now I just get a 0% reading no matter what. Any one else having issues like this?

Hi Kevin,


Agreed, I only see 0% at this point.  I am now focusing on other parts of the project as the voltage is a fair indicator for now.  I am sure the developers are working on it.




I get a similar issue.  I definitely have current sensing working in the hardware (the AttoPilot current output pin varies in voltage as the current varies), but my current and load metrics always show as 0 in the Planner.

I'm using 1.1.96 with ArduCopter 2.6 and mavlink 1.0.

The TLOG output always shows current_battery at 0.

Confirmed still apm planner .96 still getting 0%

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