We installed the attopilot sensor last night. The voltage reading seems to be working great but no where do I see the current reading. Am I missing some thing? Where in the mission planner is that displayed?

Thanks guys


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The normal use case, if you have it installed, calibrated and configured, is in terms of a percentage next to the voltage reading. The real-time current use is calculated against the configured mAh rating you've specified, and a percentage of available power is displayed in the HUD. 

Ya I think I get that but I would like to see the current reading and mah consumed. I have seen people do it with the OSD but I can't seem to see where that data is at.

I noticed to that if you power off the APM it resets back to 100% even though you have drained power out of that battery. Which I think is normal operation if I understand it correctly. If I could see how many amps I have consumed even if it reset back to 100% I could do the math and get a pretty good understanding of what I have left in the battery. It would also be nice to know how many amps I am using during flight, am I reaching the limit of ESC'c, wire, or any thing else.

Thanks for the help.


I second these features,and more!

1) would be nice to have actual instataneous current readout in amps. to see how close we are to limits for ESC's

2) keep the battery used/left percentage in eeprom.

3) add a button to reset the battery (press when connecting a newly charged battery.) maybe in the MP - or on the APM itself

4) maybe a check when pushing the button above for battery capacity

5) diplay mAh consumed aswell as percentage.

I have put in an enhancement request in arducopter wiki http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/issues/detail?id=434

not sure if it shold go on the MP one too? I think it may need updates on both though.

Thanks Chris! I was just thinking it would also be helpfull to have a warning if your going to exceed your battery rating. A 4000mAh battery with a 20c rating has a max current draw of 80 amps. If you could input that somewhere and then get an audiable warning it you start getting close.

Some thing to think about.

I have been looking at the status tab and I would think that data would be displayed in there some where. My buddy that is working with me was trying to figure out how to make a little program to display the data but we can't seem to figure it out. If anybody has any ideas please share.


i dont think you can get a direct readout of current draw directly from tlogs or status

there is a CLI test that gives the current reading im mA though. i think its in the battery test.

Im at work offshore and dont have my quad here to play with... so i cant get into the CLI and let you know exactly where it is.

Let me know what you find out I am very curious. I did some testing last night and I think I have a calibration problem. I noticed that my voltage reading is about 2 tenths low and the percentage it off. The battery was near dead with a 35% reading on the display. I did check and I had the correct mah capacity input into the mission planner.


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